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Day of Surgery

  • Anesthesia services are provided by Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists who are highly qualified in all aspects of outpatient anesthesia. You will be evaluated before surgery by a member of the Anesthesia Team and will be able to have any questions answered. Be sure to talk about medications you are currently taking, even over-the-counter drugs. The appropriate type of anesthesia will be determined by our Anesthesiologist in consultation with your Surgeon.
  • Bring your insurance cards with you.
  • Arrange for cash or a check to be held by friends or family waiting for you in case a prescription needs to be written and filled at a nearby pharmacy at discharge.
  • Arrange for an interpreter to accompany you to the Center if you do not speak either English or Spanish. This person should remain at the Center until you are discharged.
  • Arrange for care of your children for 24 hours following surgery, as you could feel drowsy for that period of time.
  • Leave your valuables, including jewelry and watches at home. Wear comfortable clothes and slip on shoes. You'll be asked to remove contact lenses, dentures or other prostheses when you change for surgery - please bring your containers.
  • Bring your medications with you, including insulin. The anesthesiologist will tell you what to take.
  • Please bring with you any forms for your physician (if requested).
  • If your child is scheduled for surgery, we encourage you to bring his/her favorite toy for extra comfort.
  • Children may be brought in wearing their pajamas.
  • Please bring an empty bottle or sippy cup if your child can't drink from a cup. Bring formula as a second choice if juice is not preferred.
  • Please leave children not having surgery at home.